Our patients are treated by methodic and experienced hands with excellent powerful tools. We strive for excellence in medicine.


Da Vinci Med Spa uses state-of-the-art laser technology.  Below is a list of our lasers with brief descriptions of their capabilities. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss which laser treatment is right for you.

affirm workstation


The Affirm Anti-Aging Workstation offers wrinkle reduction, scar treatment, pigmentation and redness reduction, age spot treatment, facial resurfacing and coagulation of tissue resulting in tighter skin for overall younger looking skin. Affirm incorporates our MultiPlex™ technology with our Combined Apex Pulsesm (CAP) technology—the industry's fastest laser-based energy source—and Xenon Pulsed Light (XPL) technology to be the best skin resurfacing solution that provides better and faster results with less pain than any other product available.


By uniquely combining three leading-edge technologies, the Affirm offers a total skin resurfacing system that targets all layers of photodamaged and aged skin. Using 1440-nm CAP technology, the Affirm targets superficial layers of photodamaged tissue. Our state-of-the-art XPL technology enhances clinical outcomes associated with the treatment of redness and pigmentation. And Affirm's newest feature—the 1320-nm MultiPlex technology—targets deep layers of collagen structures for skin laxity and tightening.


Unlike competitive technologies—which, by providing only one level of heat intensity, fail to optimize collagen production—CAP technology is a specialized optical lens array that redistributes laser energy into varied levels of heat intensities to simultaneously stimulate and remodel collagen. Since lower energy levels can be delivered to the skin without compromising effectiveness, client discomfort is significantly decreased while the healing process is rapidly accelerated. Learn More about Affirm

smartlipo triplex

SmartSkin CO2

SmartSkin CO2™ LaserSkinRenewal™ Workstation is smart medicine for aged and sun damaged skin. It's the only microablative laser (surgical laser) that offers completely customizable treatments that allow us to manage and exceed our clients’ expectations for both cosmetic results and desired downtime. This treatment is ideal for skin rejuvenation in patients suffering from deep wrinkles, significant photo damage, benign common skin growths (keratosis), liver spots or dark spots from sun exposure (solar lentigines), and poor skin texture.


Smart Skin is unique in its versatility. It allows us to titrate the surgical laser’s intensity and the depth of tissue removed. Its fractionated feature creates an alternating pattern of areas directly penetrated by the laser beam. The intricacy of this microscopic alternation means the tissue not directly targeted by the laser beam will help the treated adjacent tissue heal faster and minimize the inflammation. Our clients benefit with faster recoveries so they can feel their best sooner. Learn More about SmartSkin

smartskin co2

Power Assisted Liposuction by MicroAire

Description coming soon...

SmartLipo Triplex

SmartLipo Triplex is designed to treat our patients’ body contouring needs. The laser delivers heat underneath the skin in the deep and superficial tissues. It is introduced under the skin through an incision only a few millimeters deep. The high heat that SmartLipo delivers will target fat and melt it down in the deep and superficial layers of the skin. The adipocyte, or mother fat cell, is destroyed in this process and will never regenerate.


Over the next few months, the fat released from the adipocyte will be slowly absorbed in the blood stream. At the same time, heat targets the skin, collagen is stimulated to form, and the skin tightens. The process will simultaneously remove excess fat and tissue with a fine tube connected to a pump. This provides a permanent treatment solution to keep your body at its best. Learn More about SmartLipo Triplex


SmoothShapes XV addresses the underlying causes and physical manifestations of cellulite, providing results that patients can see and feel. It treats enlarged fat cells and brittle or inflexible fibrous septae that connect skin to underlying fibrous tissue. By going to the source, SmoothShapes targets cellulite and keeps it from coming back.


The SmoothShapes XV device utilizes Cynosure’s proprietary Photomology® platform. This process treats cellulite by combining 915 continuous wave diode lasers and 650 LED energy along with mechanical manipulation. This vacuum and massage technique destroys the cellulitic pockets in the skin, stimulates collagen formation, and massages fat out of pockets into the circulation. Multiple sessions are necessary for best results. Learn More about SmoothShapes

Our patients are treated by methodic and experienced hands with excellent powerful tools. We strive for excellence in medicine.
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